Joyland Staff

Suzanne B Suzanne Benedict – Center Director
Suzanne has more than 20 years experience in the field of early childhood and development.  She has been working at Joyland for more than 4 years. Suzanne has so much passion and love for children. She is a mother of 4 girls and grandmother to 4 grandchildren. “I can proudly say I am happy to be the director of the loving caring staff at Joyland as well as being able to help all of the children and families make new friends and happy memories that will last a life time.  Children are my life and I LOVE them all!”
 Donna G Donna Gomes – Administration Manager
Donna’s passions in life are her family, and her job. She has been a part of our Joyland family since 2005. Donna enjoys building relationships with all the children and families who go through the Joyland Program. As business manager and van driver, she has a strong bond with everyone.“To see a child out in the community who runs up to you and gives you a big smile and a hug, you know in your heart, you were a loving influence in their life when they were attending Joyland. I am so excited to be apart of Joyland Pre-School, where I believe every child deserve the opportunity to explore, learn and make friends in safe, loving, Joylful environment.”
 Theresa B Theresa Bermudez – School-Age Teacher
Teacher Theresa has been working in the educational field for 34 years and Joyland for 20 years. She loves children and likes teaching because it gives her the opportunity to observe and have pride when her students learn something new. Our children are our future, and she believes good teachers help children to become productive citizens.Theresa feels teachers have the opportunity to change someone’s life which is the true reason she teaches. Who can resist all the hugs you receive every day!
 no-photo Daisy Abarca – Pre-K Teacher
 no-photo Pa Lee – Preschool Teacher
Teacher Pa has been at Joyland since 2008. She enjoys teaching and helping children. Pa is very passionate about her work. She loves painting, reading, and exploring new things.
 no-photo Dianna Silva – Preschool Teacher
Dinna has been a part of Joyland staff for 10 years. She works in the older threes. She has been born and raised in placer county her whole life. She has been teaching for over twenty years.“I truly enjoy the children’s smiles and hugs. It makes my career so much more worthwhile.”
 no-photo Katie Chambers – 2 Years Old Class Teacher
Katie has my AA degree in Early Childhood Education from Sierra College. She has worked in the childcare field since 2014, with ages ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years old. She has a daughter of her own named Bella, she started 2nd grade this year! “I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child!”
 no-photo Thien Tran – Preschool Class Teacher
Thien will be finishing up her B.A. degree in Child Development at Sacramento State in Spring 2018. She has worked with children since 2013. She enjoys introducing new topics to her class! She believes every child should be valued and treated with respect. Thien also believes art, music, and creativity is essential in the classroom as it helps engage and capture children’s imagination. “I love to see the curiosity of children and to provide opportunities for their confidence to grow as they explore the world.”  Out of school, Thien loves anything outdoors like hiking with her dogs.
 Jamey H Jamey Harden – Infant/Toddler Teacher
Teacher Jamey has been a Joyland teacher for over 20 years. Jamey loves to teach the younger children because of their honesty and zest for life. She has been working with, and loving children since she was 13 yrs old. Jamey’s favorite things to teacher are art and music.
 no-photo  Diane Watts- Preschool Teacher
 Suzy O Suzy O’conner – Infant/ Toddler Teacher
Suzy has been working at Joyland since 2012. She is always been loved by the little one. Her friendliness and patience make her the perfect teacher in the infant room.
 Nancy S Nancy Smith – Teacher/Floater
Nancy has been working at Joyland since 2012. She has a great attitude and always being so patient with every child. Her greatest joy in life has always been children. She considers it an honor to have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child, teacher, parent on a daily basis. Love the children, they are our future. She loves to visit and spend time with my family in Scotlandand Canada.
 no-photo  Griffith  Marissa – Toddler Teacher
 no-photo Roxanne Gray  – Preschool Teacher